PM at OIC: 50 years of failure

Hassnain Javed

JUNE 12, 2019


A developed economy, which has achieved certain level of industrialization and economic performance with having stable indeed accelerating gross domestic product, gross national product and per capita income. The economy, which is self-sustaining, majorly address the global issues, and is strong enough to provide access to resources and optimally utilize all the available economic opportunities in contrast to the other neighboring countries. The economy which has strong grounds to put forth the stance and have assurance of its worth and global creditability. The economy whose people are well satisfied with highest gross national happiness and with no fear of terrorism or its related extremist counter activities. This is the picturesque sketched recently and perceived by any individual who have heard the speech by the Pakistan Prime Minister at the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

It is with utter grief that once again Prime Minister Imran Khan has put forth the vague argument rather than cohesive discussion relevant to the major concerns of the homeland. The passionate speech seems to be a narrative by ambassador of all 57-member countries of OIC. The blasphemy is the global issue, which requires to be addressed at United Nation (UN) to have the effective implementation or structural changes and incorporation of procedural laws against its violation. Rather than beating, the trump in middle of those who are already in favor of the argument but unfortunately did not find the right forum to reach conclusive results.

Among the main failures of OIC includes lack of cohesion and unity, as there are inter-state differences among the member states, there are Shia-Sunni conflict, antagonistic foreign policy with major Western world influence and territorial disputes

There are many questions that needed to be addressed among the most important ones includeswhy Pakistan is classified under the umbrella of terrorist state? Why India promote, teach and train hatred for Pakistan by inculcating bad based on religion? Why Kashmir issue was left unaddressed at this forum despite the massive innocent Muslim killings? Why the funding from Israel by Manzor Pashtin and other non-state actors and all such developments are not considered? Why Afghanistan a Muslim state is not questioned with regard to shaking hand with Pakistan ally India and why they are not opposed? Likewise, representatives from Iran should be questioned that why there are propagating and intervening with the Baluchistan?

Giving a historic speech is not the only solution to gain the appraisal there must be something at plate as well to present. Historically, Bhutto has done same blunder by presenting him in aura by becoming leader of the world. Moreover, the serving ruler has repeated same mistake and he put forth the issues, which are considerable global issues and have no relevance with Pakistan. Although, this platform provides opportunity to raise the current issues and propose the friendly solutions to get rid of proxy wars and allys.

Besides this, Iran has initiated its involvement with political and militant Shiite groups in Pakistan in which foreign experts have observed an escalating shadow proxy war with Saudia Arabia with the country, which is considered second largest Muslim population. Iran is continuously helping rebel groups to form in the minority tribal religion, which have Sindhi and Baluch separatist groups, which will help, fund and support. One of those groups, the Tahrik-e-Jafaria Pakistan (TJP), openly acknowledge its association with Iran but denies accusations it engages in violence.

Among the main failures of OIC includes lack of cohesion and unity, as there are inter-state differences among the member states, there are Shia-Sunni conflict, antagonistic foreign policy with major Western world influence and territorial disputes. Likewise, there is rising Islamophobia as in the western economies Islam is perceived as a threat to Western values such as liberalism, democracy, individualism and women emancipation. Moreover, there is terrorism and fundamentalism that has given the bitter imagery of Islam. There is growing incidence of violence and suicide attacks, sectarian cleavages and accelerating growth of religious-political parties, which has depicted negative Western approach about Islam.

In my opinion, all of the above stated questions and stance are of relevance to the Pakistan economy representative.The primary suggestions for Pakistan representing at OIC is to form an institutional mechanism for conflict resolution and prevention with member states and develop a consortium of network of centers of excellence in science and technology. Moreover, there should be establishment of permanent forum of Islamic thought to provide guidance and opinion with allocation of adequate financial resources to implement these proposals. Unless, the OIC members at large are not willing to address the contemporary challenges and issues with strong standpoint and not reflect the political will and desire to assert their role in the world affairs, the OIC will continue to lose its significance and fail its members. The current crises between the West and the world of Islam is yet another opportunity for this platform to put forth constructive arguments, dialogues and policy recommendations between Islam and other faiths.

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