Monk, media, and monarchy!

Monk, media, and monarchy!

Hassnain Javed

MAY 4, 2020



“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many part” —(William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare rightly explained the human phenomena and their respective interchangeable, multidimensional roles. In the prevalent circumstances, Pakistan is experiencing the trichotomy between Monk (Mullah’s), Media (All forms of media, print, electronic and social) and Monarchy (State and Governance Structure). Are they the victims, persecutors, or rescuers? The key roles are not yet clearly defined in the global pandemic and domestically drama triangle.

The trichotomy defines themselves as victims in some instances or becomes persecutors. As Monks (Mullah’s) are holding massive gatherings when their rights and opinion is not given due importance. Each monk has its way of thinking and interpretation from the Holy doctrine so does their opinion varies. For instance, despite following the same Holy book there is practicing of both Popalzai doctrine and Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman doctrine on Eid festival announcement every year. The Eid announcement should be unanimous decision nationwide but different doctrines made it a completely different story. On the other hand, media becomes the victim by carrying a black ribbon when media is under attack and their opinions suffered atrocities at the end of persecutors. The situation is no different for the monarchy as every elected ruling government becomes a victim of previous government incapable decisions, corruption, and worse economic and financial position handed over to them. It explains the mechanism of interchangeability between the three constructs.

Monk, media, and monarchy all have to come out of the persecutor and victim role and take the responsibility of rescuer as the main pillars of the economy. The nation will collapse if a similar situation persists

In recent global Covid19 pandemic, initially, monks were portrayed as the persecutors by not adhering to scientific findings despite the Holy book encapsulating all the scientific secrets and truth at the diverse spectrum that enables humans to take advantage and repercussion in every walk of life. It is observed that some of the monks were misguiding their followers for not adhering to the idea of social distancing for preventive measures and considering the scientific measures as obsolete and holding massive gatherings. Although, the Holy book (Quran) provides the scientific methodologies and reasoning for the major aspect of humans and nature whereas the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) teachings and way of life add a further explanation on the given teachings. However, due to multiple monks and their respective dogmatism and doctrines (such as Qadri beliefs, Ghamdi beliefs, Tariq Jamil beliefs, Israr’s belief, etc.) today the Islamic beliefs and religion are unable to play their role as Masaya (Rescuer). Although it is practiced previously by great Islamic philosophers such as Al-Masudi (the pioneer of historical geography), Al-Kindi (pioneer of environmental sciences), Al-Biruni (pioneer of reaction time), Averroes (pioneer of Parkinson’s disease), Ibn E Arabi (the science of divine knowledge),Ibn E Khuldun, Jabir ibn Hayyan (father of chemistry), Ibn Rushd, etc. At the outset of the present pandemic, most of the monks are trying to cover themselves from the label of persecutors and falling apart as victims. Although, this is time to follow the historic footsteps of Islamic philosophers and contribute to innovative inventions amid Covid19 along with disseminating the knowledge that helps educate their illiterate followers.

The very moment and circumstances are not to blame each other play interchangeable roles. Either all the three respective roles, portray themselves as victims or in a certain situation, they slogan as persecutor but none of them in the prevalent pandemic taken the lead as a rescuer. We are living in the era of artificial intelligence where bioengineering, global warming, cyber warfare, and most recently bio warfares have taken the lead roles. Therefore, it is important to identify the grass root problems and channelize how monk, media, and monarchy can effectively play their respective designated roles to resolve the major challenges that erupted in the contemporary world. For this purpose, we need to distinguish between three types of problems that include technical problems, policy problems, and identity problems.

In the case of Pakistan technical problems defines the agreement of China Pakistan Economic Corridor with a lack of expert technical staff to effectively execute the project during the stated timeframe. Pakistan has taken in many such initiatives but unfortunately, it fails to realize to win the marathon it is important that its players are well equipped and eligible. A toddler, who is in the crawling phase, should not be accepted to run and compete for the champions in friction of seconds. It is good to put yourself in challenging tasks but it requires the essential ingredients of passion and clear purpose, which translate into desired performance.

In contrast, policy problems are reform structuring. Pakistan is launching different policies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), agricultural farmers and Kamyab Naujawan Schemes, etc. but it is important to understand how these policies and programs will become effective for that supportive organs are required to actualize the real motive. For instance, China has established state-owned enterprises (SOEs) but before that, they educate their society on the significance of SOEs, the technical procedures involved to operate and get the benefit of SOEs policies. Moreover, in the wake of Covid19 they didn’t lose hope, and in a brief time with well-functioning supporting organs they are if not fully at least partially recovered and have started moving again whereas the case is opposite in Pakistan where most of its supporting organs are either malnourished or either on ventilators. Pakistan needs to focus on policy problems that are optimistic and realistic and holds the bitter truth and grey realities of its economy at hand. The major concern for the Pakistan monarchy should be dealing in the post Covid19 world when there will be a massive paradigm shift and world operating with new dynamics.

Besides this, identity problems indeed Pakistan is surfaced with identity crises, we, as a nation is not united there are major inter-provincial conflicts. The common Pakistani national desire to have its luxurious apartment amid the scenic and refreshing breeze of Switzerland, high-class well-functioning CEO office in the Wall Street, United States, five-star pilgrimage packages for performing prayers and the final coffin to buried in Jannat ul Baqi (Medinah) thus no affiliation with motherland Pakistan. They did not agree with idea of be Pakistan and buy Pakistan. This explains the identity problems in our economy. The world economies have experienced success on the grounds of nationalism and unity and have experienced the downfall of their mighty empires due to weakening fundamentals.

To conclude, monk, media, and monarchy all have to come out of the persecutor and victim role and take the responsibility of rescuer as the main pillars of the economy. The nation will collapse if a similar situation persists. There is no longer time to waste indeed we as an individual launch the movement to act as rescuer and educate our fellows to act and behave as a Masaya. Lastly, I extend my tribute to Edhi Sahab how being a common person he laid his life as a Masaya for Pakistan keeping his self-interests aside.

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