Lethal Cornavirus: A Bio-War Or Natural Plague Outbreak (Part ii)

Hassnain Javed

FEBRUARY 7, 2020

Infected and thousands have died. The US is not even quarantining or stopping Chinese flights or people coming in to the US from these areas. In other words, many have gotten through. It is likely already in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries and we are not even looking at those flights or people and what about the economic impact?

The Chinese economy is at a cross roads they are losing a trade war the parties losing control starting with Hong Kong the outbreak is a welcome opportunity to seize more properties and exercise more control. I cannot even imagine what the Chinese are thinking right now. Number one they have “lost face” with the entire world their entire markets for manufacturing, production and distribution are totally crushed. Two, there are probably wondering the “pearl harbor” that is happening right now and three, who is to blame for this and retaliate against.

Besides this, we’ve heard a lot about the different structure of the economy of the government in China versus United States specifically through this trade dispute that’s been going on certainly under President Trump as you look it is more authoritative. In contrast, I think China has command control structure they have a lot more control over their economy and their government is centralized in China. In such situation, is China in advantage when they have encountered an epidemic like this or could it be a disadvantage? Well I think it is clearly an advantage in terms of the notion of locking down sixty million people essentially four and a half percent of the population of the country in Hubei province. I believe it will be something very difficult for any Western democracy to easily entertain. I do think however that as far as the trade situation is concerned it will have short-term impacts.

It’s a level of aggravation that can be absorbed it is important to understand 2020 is the fifth year of the China five-year plan yeah and President Xi and his colleagues will no doubt want to do all they can to hit their numbers yeah in 2020

First, the Chinese central government is very preoccupied now with fixing this issue and thus any conversation regarding phase two trade deals with United States is not even remotely on the agenda at the moment. In contrast, if the Chinese economy does take a hit that is sustained then of course there is a further weakening effect to the economy. In addition, it puts China in the position of possibly needing a little bit more urgently a further removal of the tariffs of 15 percent. Tariffs that are still applied to around about 370 billion of Chinese exports to the US.

I would point out that in the case of SARS, back in 2002 too for the first reported case was in November of 2002 and the last reported case was in May of 2004. Of course, there was clear evidence that the problem had peaked long before that 18-month period concluded. However, I think note the notion that there will be a six-month period of partial disruption to the Chinese economy .It’s worth noting that at the same time if they have been successful in confining this to what amounts to 5% of the GDP of China in Hubei province. I think it’s a level of aggravation that can be absorbed it is important to understand 2020 is the fifth year of the China five-year plan yeah and President Xi and his colleagues will no doubt want to do all they can to hit their numbers yeah in 2020. Despite this coronavirus, the fiscal stimulus and monetary easing is conceivably a renegotiation of the tariffs.

I think the Davos crowed now considers run away global warming to be a dire threat to their future. Moreover, China dire threat to their hegemonic control release an engineered virus in the right place at right time. In addition, voila the bricks forming there on financial systems is their own kind of SWIFT their own internet, their own world trade crunches. This divides the world and this is a very healthy step out of a dark killing system. The Cabal losing control over their own casino fake-money-system, even that they possess the fastest computer systems in the world. It seems like deeply desperate sucking greedy to draw more and more wealth out of the world actually. “Let’s drop a virus (bomb) and for our chosen a clean vaccination patent. Wuahh! That is scary and that is why we look away from darkness instead to look and face it. The Government do not give two shakes of a fly’s arse about you or your loved ones, most likely the only one who does is yourself. Get prepared right now extreme isolation seems to be the best way to survive this. In a hadith has been mentioned in al-Bukhari’s al-Sahih on the authority of Yahya bin Yamar, according to which Ayesha, Mother of the Faithful, says that she asked the Holy Prophet about the epidemic of plague.

He said: “It was a scourge sent by Allah unto whom He willed. Now it has been made a blessing for the Muslims. A person who stays in the affected town, shows patience and believes that nothing will befall him except what Allah has ordained, will receive the same reward as a martyr”.

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