Is Kashmir independence the real issue: the game behind Arab-Israel-India nexus?

Hassnain Javed


Recently, Jerusalem Post, the most strong and Likud Party-controlled newspaper, held a meeting on advancing Israel’s narrative around the globe in a room complete of Zionists in Tel Aviv Israel. Just enough. Right? They are entitled to pursue their agenda just as one would believe every nation does. But when Dr. Mike Evans, the founder of “Friends of Zion Heritage Centre,” took the dice and began his lecture, the curveball came in. “I met UAE MBZ (Mohammad bin Zayed), I met Saudi Arabia MBS (Mohammad bin Salman), and these two rulers are more pro-Israel than many Jews in the globe,” he said.

This pushed the cat out of the Muslim world’s box. Ummah’s so-called suppliers. Well, if KSA wanted to have connections with Israel that’s their absolute decision, but the problem here is that we as Muslims have been told for centuries that we would stand with Muslim countries until Israel’s Zionist-controlled government ends its nefarious designs against Muslims in general and Palestinians in specific. And let me write here very categorically that the difference between the Jews and the Zionists is the same between the Muslims and the ISIS.

Not all Jewish people are Zionists. Zionism is not a religion, but a political ideology that came into being in the early 1900s. While religion, for 2,500 years, Judaism has been around. I’ve dealt with, done company, educated, and educated the Jews on Wall Street. I have never had any issues with them, nor have they ever had any issues with me. But the representatives of the Israeli mentality are certain elements within the Jewish community, the Zionist elements camouflaging around and about as regular Jews. Even the Zionist doesn’t like the Jews. Just like no healthy Muslim would ever back the ISIS.

So it’s like shaking hands with the Zionists with the devil himself. Just because the Zionists have Israel, it doesn’t make them peaceful and caring for peace. In America, 10,000 Jewish rabbis signed a petition against the Israeli government’s Zionist designs. So much so that all over the globe they held a one-day protest of solidarity against Israel. From London to New York to Sao Paolo in Frankfurt. But they got little to no coverage from the media, of course. But nothing can be concealed in this day and age of social media, nor was it hidden. The globe can see it all over the internet.

Now back to the nexus between Arab-Israeli and Indian. It’s no secret that the both University of Tel Aviv and University of Haifa in Israel have helped the Indian government through their strategic study cooperation to form policy towards Kashmir. Israel has decades of Palestinian experience. Which better nation to assist India occupying Kashmir than Israel. Time tested manoeuvres, time tested methods and time tested to teach India overt and covert diplomatic and war footing methods. Benjamin Netanyahu praises publicly and calls his greatest friend in Asia to Narendra Modi.

KSA stands to gain, by forcing India strategically to cut its connections with Iran, it stands to gain the most. By providing to invest in the Indian oil industry, it helps India indirectly reduce its reliance on Iran’s purchase of oil

The Indian Air Force has programs of shared training with Israel. The Indian nexus of Silicon Valley is well known, we all understand. On the other side, KSA is the Muslim world’s “alleged” leader. To a majority, at least. To destroy the world’s two oldest conflicts, Kashmir and Palestine, what better option than neutralizing KSA along with the entire GCC, isolating Israel & KSA’s only declared foe, Iran, and isolating the only Arab GCC member that KSA has an issue with, Qatar, along with Iran. On the other side, Pakistan has been helped monetarily by the UAE under the heavy debt burden and financial slowdown, and KSA becomes much easier to manage when it comes to Kashmir by the KSA and UAE rulers. KSA promises to spend $75 billion in an Indian oil giant Reliance and tells the world that it is pursuing its connections with India.

Besides all that KSA stands to gain, by forcing India strategically to cut its connections with Iran, it stands to gain the most. By providing to invest in the Indian oil industry, it helps India indirectly reduce its reliance on Iran’s purchase of oil. That also makes America happy. Isolating Iran is America’s greatest goal. The way to get her down to her knees is to kill her economy.

Here are some of the opportunities that can occur in the very close future in my mind. Maybe in a few weeks to a couple of months. Benjamin Netanyahu could visit India to indirectly prove to the globe that Israel stands with India in Article 370 mess. Mind you, Israel rarely does anything without American permission, or should I say, so indirectly if Netanyahu visits India now, it reflects America as well. The second option, which I think will be Pakistan’s poison pill, is that Modi is holding a Kashmir investment conference. In Kashmir, the world, including the UAE and KSA, is announcing enormous investments. The whole world will overlook the 72-year atrocities and concentrate on how India invests in Kashmir and how the Muslim Ummah’s “Supposed” leader also invests in Kashmir. KSA’s announcing a $10 billion investment in Kashmir over the next 10 years is no large deal. America to announce a few trillions more. UAE to announce investments plus possibilities for the Kashmiris to create jobs. Israel announces a Tech Hub in Srinagar (farfetched concept but it’s feasible to do anything).

In order to conclude, the announcements of such investments will create so much commotion. Such an investment meeting will receive so much press coverage from the West. So much so that the world will forget Kashmiri’s independence movement and believe that the cash invested in Kashmir should make Kashmiri better. This will also offer Indian nationals a reason to construct, purchase land and take over Kashmir slowly and systematically, which they were never able to do before Article 370 was abrogated. Wake up now or sleep forever in Pakistan.

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