Hope or ringing alarm: un visit 2019!

Hassnain Javed

OCTOBER 11, 2019

After a week-long appraisal and welcoming to our Prime Minister by his massive directionless direction audience both internationally and locally marked another unplanned strategic move played by the untrained chess player where sometimes it seems feasible to step back and let others go further for backfire and winning after on lose-lose situation. It reminds many of us four decades ago when Mr. Z A Bhutto had torn his speech in the United Nations Security Council meeting and walk out with his delegates. As being the strategic leader he was able to identify it is useless to voice out for people of Kashmir, Palestine or either Yemen at the forum which is governed and administered by the strong Jews-Zinest lobby. The speech which was kept unread four decades back was read in the most recent visit when neither we are in state or in position to address the consequences.

Bhutto was able to encapsulate the literal meaning of the word consciousness. At the moment, more than 70 percent is dependent on multinational firms to meet their necessities. Thus, multipolar world order cannot be ignored and Pakistan is no position to get into other traps like we are suffering for many years in terms of pledged Pakistan by the International Monetary Fund. Upon the quick glance, the first visit by the Prime Minister and meeting with Donald Trump was the tactical game move by the anti-Pakistan players as literate could perceive how Mr. Trump offered a mediating role over Kashmir issue when it was not out of context in the conversation and followed by the US extensive visit we have heard the news of implication of Article 370.

Likewise, besides the huge round of appraisal Pakistan citizens should be mentally prepared for the consequences of the second visit. After the implication of Article 370, it is clear the beautiful lady is raped and his culprit despite handcuffed in the jail is enjoying the pleasure. Therefore, it is useless to beat the trumpet over the concern which is out of context and despite unlimited efforts to assure the justice the virginity cannot be regained once it is lost. Once, Huggtinton has said in his book on “New World Order” that in the upcoming future there will be a war on cultural conflicts rather than traditional war conflicts. If we recall, as Bhutto walked out of United Nation he immediately called for the Islamic Summit conference and if not the superpowers but hold of strong Islamic poles by having Col Qaddafi from Libya and Shah Faisal from Saudia Arabia among his pool to give away a strong message. This was the time when Bhutto realized the urgency of becoming a nuclear state and with his, all efforts enabled Pakistan with this blessing.

Since the half-decade, it is heard from the existing ruling party that the concept of Rastiye Madinah will become applicable and in every scenario, it is generally fixed as well. But, just stating the concept will not serve any purpose until unless its basic features and in-depth knowledge is not gained. The basic ideology of Rastiye Madinah was to establish regional connectivity which was among the most threatening challenge. There was “Kaiser o Kasra” prevailing at that time with Iran being the superpower. Therefore, letters on diplomatic fronts were being sent for peace dialogue and treaties until the sound base was prepared for the equal war footings.

It is useless to visit those international bodies which are already operated by the Jewish lobbies. Instead of the US, Pakistan should be focusing more on creating regional connectivity by having strong ties with China and Russia

There is no doubt Mr. Prime Minister has performed a foolish act of bravery by speaking more than his both internal and external bearing capacities. At the moment, by giving a message of war and being fearless to address every worse situation it is important to understand the grey realities. Pakistan armed forces among the top in the world are not able to handle this issue in long run as either its war or prosperity in both the situations the three key ingredients of management is the value that includes material, man and money. Unfortunately, Pakistan is badly lacking on the material and financial front and even with available human resources it is of no use as they are not trained. There are prevailing food insecurities and poverty in many parts of Pakistan and the state of war situation is going to get worse if not better.

Therefore, the need of the time is to focus on developing strong and effective strategic reforms that have one division of training on Islamization to channelize the Islamic ideology not only to the international world but also the locals through the implementation of the Iranian concept of Hajuat Ul Ullah and Ayat Ullah. Currently, the western powers are following the clash of civilizations.

In my view, it is useless to visit those international bodies which are already operated by the Jewish lobbies. Instead of the US, Pakistan should be focusing more on creating regional connectivity by having strong ties with China and Russia. For instance, by having President Xi Jinping and Mr. Putin by Imran Khan on his sides to address the Kashmir issue would have marked the difference. Last but not the least, the rising climatic issues were highlighted and certain agendas propose to address the challenge but again it is important to note every developed or either emerging economy before becoming green they have to get dark.

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